Transparent Square Glass Fire Pit Wind Guard — 19” x 19” x 6”

Benefit from a steady flame even on a breezy night when you use this glass fire pit wind guard.
Its transparent design ensures it doesn’t detract from your enjoyment of watching the flames
flicker and its construction helps to regulate the height of the flames when caught in a breeze.

A modern aesthetic

The transparent wind guard has a square design that looks perfect when used in contemporary
surroundings. The ideal match for a modern fire pit, it’s an innovative way to add style to your
patio, terrace, or garden.

Sturdy, durable, and safe

With a simple yet effective construction, the wind guard is made from high-strength tempered
glass that has a thickness of 0.3 inches. This ensures it is sturdy enough to resist both heat and
abrasion. Four premium aluminum alloy connectors at the base and four at the top provide a
firm fix that keeps the guard steady and resistant to collapse or slipping. 
The edges of the tempered glass have been polished and safely rounded to prevent your hands
from getting accidently cut when assembling the wind guard. Assembly is quick and easy so you
can look forward to enjoying your fire pit with its new wind guard in no time. 

Numerous benefits to enjoy

This glass fire pit wind guard deflects the breeze from the fire pit, helping to regulate the height
of the flames. As they are lower, less fuel is consumed, and this helps you save money in the
long run. The wind guard also acts as a protective shield to prevent sparks from falling to the
ground and to ensure family and friends, particularly kids, don’t accidentally touch the flames.
Enjoy the cozy ambience of your fire pit with a steady flame despite the breeze and admire the
modern aesthetic of this square glass fire pit wind guard.