Reflective Dark Green Fire Glass Beads

Add colorful shine to your indoor or outdoor space with these wonderful dark green fire glass
beads. The versatile beads can be used for all manner of decorative needs and their durability
ensures they last an incredibly long time.

Enhance your interior space

These high luster fire glass beads seem to sparkle as the light catches them. Place them in a
glass vase with artificial flowers to create an interesting display or brighten up a terrarium with
these glass pebbles dotted around the plants. Alternatively, use them as a base for candles and
watch them glisten as the flames gently flicker above. Great for crafting, stick these glass beads
to frames and display your favorite family photos. Make stunning suncatchers or incorporate
them in your artwork. Use these dark green beads to complement your décor or mix and match
with other colors for added contrast.

Non-toxic glass beads

As these beads are non-toxic, a great way to use them is in your aquarium. Completely safe for
your fish, they make a lovely addition to the gravel. Watch them shine with a rippling effect as
your fish swim around and continually move the water. 

Your neighbors will be green with envy

Transform your garden with these reflective dark green fire glass beads. The rich color is the
perfect way to decorate your flowerpots or create a border for your plants. Scatter the glass
pebbles around your pond and watch them gleam by the glistening water. These highly
tempered glass beads can withstand high temperatures, making them ideal for use in your fire
pit. Add them to your other fire pit stones and be mesmerized as they reflect in the flickering

Versatile and colorful, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to what you can use these green
glass pebbles for.