Natural fire glass pellets

Be it a fireplace or a fire pit, if you have invested in an exciting fire feature, you deserve to enjoy a mesmerizing fire show. But guess what? Ceramic logs and fire stones simply don't look good enough in this day and age. For modern homes with a chic presence, here's a fiery solution for you - the Hiland Reflective Fire Glass! 

We love reflective fire glass. And here are why you'll love it too -

  • Fire glass is for people who love a hassle-free evening by the fire. No ash, no soot, and certainly no smoke. It's easy to maintain and it looks classy as always.
  • It doesn't matter if you have an indoor fire feature carefully built or an outdoor beauty in all its glory. Nothing will stop you from enjoying the beautiful warmth of the fire with the reflective fire glass. Just use it in either natural gas or propane fire, and it will work in every condition, just fine.
  • It's available in both 10lbs and 20lbs because you know, there's nothing like options!
  • Also, did we forget to tell you that the  Hiland Reflective Fire Glass is an absolute beauty? Place it on your feature, light it up, and see how the flames dance elegantly over the bed. A fascinating sight indeed!

The Hiland Reflective Fire Glass comes in a wide range of colors so that you can find your ideal match. From the classic black and bronze to the ultra-beautiful cobalt, copper, gold, green, and crystal, there's a glass for every choice. 

So what are you waiting for? Bring home the Hiland Reflective Fire Glass and revolutionize your décor with a unique aesthetic. Order your glass today!