Candy Like Fire Pellets

Be mesmerized by the colorful glimmer of this Golden Flame fire glass as it burns in your fire
pit. The beautiful Pacific blue coloring produces a spectacular effect it catches in the light from
the flickering flames.

Contemporary style

These pieces of fire glass are a modern accessory that you simply can’t do without. Specifically
tempered to withstand extreme heat, they transform your ordinary indoor fireplace or outdoor
fire pit into an extraordinary work of art. The 1-inch fire glass pebbles can either replace your
existing lava rocks or gas logs, or simply be added on top of them to create a stunning
shimmering effect.

Enhance your indoor décor

Not just for use in your fire, consider spicing up your indoor décor. Fill the bases of your vases
with this glistening Pacific blue glass before creating an artificial flower arrangement. Put a
layer in a hurricane jar before placing a candle on top. As the light from the flame’s flickers over
the glass, it creates a beautiful, colorful glow. Scatter the glass around your potted plants for a
dramatic look or dot the pieces of glass around your terrarium plants for added interest.

Unique garden landscaping

As well as adding this blue fire glass to your fire pit, fire table, or fire bowl, it can be used to
transform the look of your outside space. Add a layer to the bottom of your water feature or
finish off your potted plants with a sparkling scattering of blue glass. Create a colorful border
for your plants, make a shimmering pathway in your garden, or highlight a walkway.
This Golden Flame fire glass in Pacific blue is a delightful, contemporary addition to both your
indoor and outdoor spaces. Be creative with its use and benefit from its unique and dramatic