Skyflame Fire Glass — Gold, Light Green, and Copper

Make a statement when you add this Sky flame fire glass to your indoor or outdoor décor. This
stunning fire glass is in a colorful mix of gold, light green, and copper, adding a dramatic effect
to your space.

Enhance your fireplace

This high-quality fire glass has passed through a special tempering and filtering procedure so
that it can withstand extreme temperatures. This makes it perfect for using in your fireplace at
home. As it produces a clean-burning fire, you don’t need to worry about toxic fumes, soot, or
smoke. This ensures the air in your home stays clean and there’s no cleanup of dirt residue to
attend to. As the fire glass glitters in the flames, your fireplace has a charming appeal that
makes it seem like a piece of glowing artwork.

A sparkling fire pit

Whether you use it on its own or add it to a layer of lava rock, this Sky flame fire glass looks
exquisite when burned in a fire pit, fire bowl, or fire table. The rich colors will captivate you and
your guests as you sit around the cozy fire and watch the glass glisten in the flames. This
blended fire glass is a modern touch that adds style to your outdoor space and will have your
neighbors looking admiringly at the colorful effect.

Outdoor landscaping

It’s not just your fire pit that can be transformed with this fire glass. Use it for decorative
purposes in your garden too. When you’ve planted up some pots, cover the soil with a layer of
this fire glass for a lovely, colorful finish. Create a shimmering pathway or make a border for
your plants. Use the glass as a base for a water feature and watch the fragments glisten as the
water ripples over them.
Whether for indoor or outdoor use, this gold, light green, and copper fire glass adds a unique
modern twist to your décor.