3-Inch Ceramic Fire Balls for Indoor and Outdoor Use

As a focal point of your home or garden, let your fireplace or fire pit stand out even more with
this set of ceramic fire balls. Each ball is 3 inches in size and the set includes 15 of them, so you
can choose to use just a few or all of them when creating your artistic design.

Perfect for fire media

These decorative faux stones have been specifically designed for use in fires. The balls are heat
resistant and can withstand temperatures that reach a whopping 800 to 900 degrees! Their
fireproof design means they have been tempered and washed so you can enjoy many years of
use without the signs of peeling or discoloration.

Safe for indoor use

These eco-friendly fire spheres are clean burning, making them perfectly safe for use indoors.
Add them to your fireplace without worrying about smoke filling your room or having ash or
other residue to clean up. 

Wow your guests

Whether you’re having a summer party or simply chatting with friends on a cool evening, these
fire spheres can’t fail to impress your guests. Create an inviting ambience when you place the
decorative stones in your fire pit, fire bowl, or fire table. You can either use them in place of
lava rocks or place them on top. You can even go a step further and add a layer of fire glass
under these spheres for a stunning effect. 
Lay the ceramic fire balls on one level or stack them up in a decorative arrangement and be
mesmerized as the flames snake upwards around them to reach the top of the pile. These
stylish spheres will certainly make an impression on anyone who sees them. Set the mood for a
great night outdoors and get the conversation started when you include these attractive balls in
your fire pit.